Sunday, April 19, 2009

Quick and easy recycle project

I made this last night. The materials used are empty ice cream container, pretty wrapping paper(you know i always hunt for roses), glue, wire and beads from an old broken necklace..which i kept for quite so long. I made it for 3 purposes. I love crafting very much, recycle means you don't have to spend much and of course can help saving our earth and lastly to show it to my students. Every year we organize a competition for form 4 students to do the recycle project and i can see that their outcomes were not to the i hope that my work might give them some ideas ...don't you all admire my work..haha..This picture is taken from Cynthia's blog..i just love the tranquility prevail from the photo..hoping someday i can get that same rattan chair....chow..i better get back to my house chores...hehe


AndreaLeigh said...

you are so creative! you would never know that was an ice cream container!

azah said...

andrea...thanks, you are creative person too!thats why you're listed in my list blogs..hehehe