Sunday, November 23, 2008


Get invited to a wedding ceremony at Kg Likas. The bridegroom father was my hubby's former boss and quite a close buddy at time eventhough he is much older..we used to visit them on every raya until he got the 'dato' title..biasalah..sibuk...but I think he still appreciate the friendship as my husband said he really wants us to come. As a quite prominent figure in Sabah. the former TYT, Tan Sri Shakaran, Dato Osu Sukam were among the guest of honour. Yg lain2 maybe come before or after our arrival.Itu aja gambar yg sempat diambil coz segan lah...souvenier utk tetamu lain drp yg biasa iaitu gelas..nasib baik tak bawa kasar2 tadi kalau tidak sure pecah.

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