Wednesday, September 10, 2008

In loving memory

We were so shocked by the sudden death of our colleague, Cikgu Molius. The caused of death is not yet known, but he was sick for quite sometimes ..since he came back for a camp in N9 a few weeks ago..It was learned that he stayed in a school hostel during the camping and was sick since then. Thinking that it was not a serious malady he didnt do massive med.check up until last friday he had to take mc as he felt so weak. The whole school grieved and we hope he will rest in the family..please accept our deepest condolence.... is my birthday....of course it will lingers in my memory each years

1 comment:

echah_syed said...

sakit ape ye.. ?? dia masih bujang ke..??

ajal maut sume keje yg diatas.takziah utk famili dia.